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                                                                                      Owners:Leona & Tony                                           


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                                                            Contact details:

                                                            Office: 011 472 5413

                                                            Cell: 061 472 5401

                                                            Email: office@marnies.co.za


Established in 1986, Marnies Autogate has been a trusted name in the access control, automation and security installation market. Passed from father to son, this small owner-run-business has become a market leader and, over the years, has formed lasting relationships with clients and suppliers.

Preferred Suppliers

We are preferred installers  of

    • AJAX Alarm Systems; Smoke Detectors
    • Nice Hansa
    • Provision ISR/IP
    • Deltec
    • Centurion
    • Natlon
    • Paradox/DSC
    • Stafix
    • Nemtek
    • CAME BPT South Africa
    • Softcon/HID
    • Systeq

    • Hydrodoors
    • Superdoors
    • COMB MK II
    • CLICKON Intercom.
    • STINGER Energiser/Fencing
    • INVERTERS; Solar Panels; Battery Backup

We design, install and maintain security systems for homes and businesses throughout Gauteng and we back all our installations, no matter the size, with a 24-hour turnaround service.

Our focus has always been to provide our valued clients with the best and most cost effective solutions available.

 Why Choose Us?

Marnies offers a professional, personal approach to alarm systems and maintenance and we are proud of our enviable reputation for great service.

Great value – we install high-tech, easy-to-use burglar alarms, CCTV, access control and gate automation, as well as many other specialised security systems without fuss and unobtrusively. We have custom-designed security systems for homes and business premises; large corporates, multi-million rand luxury homes to granny’s little cottage in the back garden.

We also specialise in alarm servicing and maintenance contracts. Many of our customers prefer Marnies to service and maintain their alarm systems.


Whether you need home security or for your business, talk to someone whose first priority is your security. Our free, no-obligation site surveys are carried out by a security expert – not a salesman.

After discussions, we will recommend the best system for your particular application. Call us for a free, no-obligation quote.


 Home security must be taken seriously, especially given today’s crime statistics. As people get desperate and some turn to crime, it leaves our homes, businesses and families easy targets. Take action and be pro-active. Marnie’s can help, from our courteous and knowledgeable support staff to our well-trained, permanently employed technicians. It is owner run by Tony and Lee Marnewick.

Marnies Team