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All alarm systems use a combination of movement detectors, also known as PIR (passive infra-red) motion detectors, and door and window contacts. These are linked to a central control panel on your premises. If an intruder is detected, a siren on the outside of the building activates a high-decibel sound. Inside, the control panel activates a transmitter to your armed response or a GSM unit that you control personally. This unit can activate and de-activate your alarm and can be combined with your CCTV camera system for real time viewing of the situation via your smart cell phone.

Movement detectors are positioned at key points around the property to pick up any movement on the premises while the alarm is set. They are sensitive and sophisticated to distinguish between a person or a small animal. If an intruder enters through a door or window fitted with contacts, these too will activate the alarm, offering a first line of defence against break-ins.

We will guide you through all the many choices and options available to best suit your needs and environment.


Marnies makes home security simple. Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll arrange a convenient time to visit your home. We’ll listen to your needs and recommend a combination of security measures that will work for you and your home.

We will install your alarm without fuss and unobtrusively, usually within one week of receiving the order. The systems and installation methods we use are designed to minimise disruption, leaving your décor untouched and we conceal unsightly wires.


Flexible wireless alarms offer a fast, flexible way to install a high-tech security system. Without the need to wire in sensor devices, wireless alarms offer ultimate flexibility and minimal disruption. Today’s wireless systems have the same level of sophistication and reliability as hard-wired systems and work with audible-only or monitored alarm systems.

Security for your Business

Marnies Security has more than 28 years’ experience in working with businesses, both big and small. We install security, access control and CCTV systems to offices, be they retail premises, warehousing or specialised installations.

Our security experts will work with you to assess risk areas and the way your business works to create user-friendly, effective and reliable solutions to protect your business. Our professional service team will ensure that the system installed will protect you 24 hours a day.


SMALL BUSINESSES Theft and vandalism can be devastating to smaller businesses. We will design an economic, easy-to-use, security and access package – or any combination of these – that works the way your business works. Because Marnies is a local, long-established security company, we look after our business customers as carefully as you look after yours.
MULTI-SITE The complex demands of multi-site businesses need a security package that is user-friendly, simple to monitor and highly effective. We work with office managers and project managers to create flexible, intelligent security solutions that can work across all sites.
SPECIALISED INSTALLATIONS We have devised security solutions for all types of installations. If you have a special security requirement or would like a customised system for your home or business, Marnies have the expertise to provide a solution.
DEVELOPERS Marnies work with premium developers, installing the kind of discreet, sophisticated alarm systems that buyers expect as standard in this market. We understand your demands and can work within your schedules to ensure installation happens smoothly, working alongside other trades.
The personal, professional follow-up service we offer is designed to compliment your reputation as a premium developer.

Total Security Maintenance and Service Contracts

All our security and automation installations have the option of a fully inclusive service and maintenance contract that guarantees access to a team of professional technicians in case of any problems or failures. A Marnies Maintenance Contract gives you peace of mind as call-out fees and regular system checks are included.

From as little as R295.00 per month, you can be confident that Marnies will be there to ensure your security and automation system is 100% in working order. With the annual service, we will check that the system is working correctly; repair or replace worn or faulty parts, and ensure the detectors are still protecting all areas, especially if furniture has been moved, or office walls have been reconfigured.

Many of our customers have outdated intruder alarm systems or installations by other service providers and have switched to Marnies due to the services offered. Call us now to find out how to enter into a contract for your specific needs.


CCTV cameras are a valuable deterrent and prove their worth in the fight against crime. CCTV can be fitted to scan the exterior and interior of your premises and can be linked to your alarm and monitoring station. These systems are all internet connectable and smart cell phone accessible.


A simple and cost-effective deterrent against crime. Would-be intruders love the cover of darkness so security lighting is a simple, effective way to deter burglars. Motion detectors switch on powerful LED power-saving lights, instantly illuminating zoned areas at night. The sensitivity settings on these detectors can be adjusted for small cats or dogs to prevent them triggering the lighting.

 Access Systems

Elegant and easy to operate ways to make sure only authorised personnel gain entry.

This controls access through any entrance and could be essential to protect sensitive areas like manager’s offices or stock rooms. Our access control systems are highly flexible:

  •  Codes or swipe cards are programmed with specific entry permissions for each member of staff.
  • Temporary or contract staff can also be issued with time-limit entry.